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This page was last updated: April 23, 2021
Created by Jim McDermott
Maintained by Christopher Day
Join Owner and Head Mechanic Steve on a general tour of the British Car Ranch.
Steve takes us on a more in-depth tour of the Ranch.
Steve walks us through BCR's process for a rebuilt engine's first test run here at the Ranch.
Steve shows us BCR's step by step process for waking up a British Car after a long nap.
Steve shows us Phase 3 of BCR's wake up process for our British Cars.
Steve shows us Phase 2 of BCR's wake up process for our British Cars.
​Welcome to the British Car Ranch's Video-Vault.  Here you will find all of the videos we have sprinkled throughout the site plus a few other video's we have done.  Check back often to see what new things we've posted.