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This page was last updated: February 2, 2018
Created by Jim McDermott
Maintained by Christopher Day

Natures beauty!
Winter Plan, storage and major work 

Bring your car to me in October and we will do a total assessment,  estimate the cost of the repairs and together create a priority list for those repairs. The bill is divided by 6 and you make 6 payments over the next 6 months. The car is then winterized and stored in our inside facility. Meanwhile, I perform the repairs agreed upon and have the car ready to pick up May 1st for a more confident driving season.

Assessment plan:

Know the condition of your car!
A bumper to bumper inspection/assessment is available, based on the 6 page checklist I have created specifically for your British car. This can be done in it`s entirety, which takes 5 hours, or narrowed down to focus on one system of the car. We then confer on the results and prioritize them according to safety and budget considerations. Then we set a timetable that fits your desires, perhaps using the Winter Plan , above.

Thinking of buying a British car?

This service is a great way to know the condition and upgrade costs of the prospect, before you buy.

Total or partial (quadrant) restoration

If you have the desire to have your pride and joy restored to BETTER than original, and don't want to do without the car for 2-3 years straight, this one's for you!

We will do an assessment service on the car, and then, based on: safety factors, driving dependability, personal preference and your budget, lay out a plan to restore the car by Quadrants during the next five winters.

A quadrant is a section or system of the car:
Engine and drivetrain
Brakes and suspension
Electrical and wiring
Paint and body
Each October, we would set up expectations for that winter and divide the estimated cost into 6 payments, with the car ready for the driving season in May.