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This page was last updated: June 14, 2021
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News from the Ranch!
May, 2021
Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Chasen, Eric & Mini
The dream and the memories!

I confess, the big news for this month is something I have been planning for 2 years; a second 4 post hoist. Everything finally came together and now it is here, 

Assembled and up, 

And in use! 

Also, during the month, we took our trip to Big Bear Lake California to join in the national Austin Healey meet, it was absolutely the trip of two tales: excellent and horrific. Here are the high and low lights: 

Lows: Our Golden Beige Bugeye got loose inside the enclosed trailer on the last leg of the trip down and rolled forward and then back, damaging the bonnet, rear end and side of the poor Bug. We discovered it after we had wrangled with the RV park in Big Bear on arrival…it seems they didn`t have our reserved spot for us. The next morning, we managed to pull the fenders away from the tires and tried to drive it, and that`s when we discovered we left the locking gas cap key at home. We decided to stay through Monday and honor my commitments to help judge concours and put on my afternoon drive through tech session I had agreed to do for the meet and then pack up and drive home early.  

We took off Tuesday morning and when we stopped for the night, we discovered the trip gremlins we not done with us. Over some seriously bumpy roads, one of my parts cabinets came apart and showered down on the unsuspecting injured Bugeye. Home safely from there. 

The High`s: Beautiful fascinating new places to see on the road to and from. Two days to spend with friends and make new friends in the Healey community, the challenge and pleasure of helping to judge a gold level Healey and being able to do it with a great crew, including Gary Felding, Kent Lambert Terry Cowens and Reid Trummel, spending 6 hours assisting 36 Healey owners one on one with their cars and questions, insisting on my getting to “test drive” 4 special Healey`s to help solve the owner's questions. The trip was worth it! 

On the Bugeye, we have plans in place to correct all the damage, same with the trailer and towing tie downs! 

Then, a high point for the shop was turning over Mike Riley`s TR6 to him for some serious test driving to uncover the last details that would need adjusting. Mike was more than up for the assignment! 

Frank Palmiero`s TR3 is moving along nicely, the transmission has been pulled and a new clutch installed, new front and rear seals and shift seals. Here is a before and after pix of the transmission. 

Manne Heinbaugh`s TR6 had the hardtop removed and transported to the upholstery shop to repair and paint the bows and install a new convertible top. 

Frank Hosick`s Healey got new wheel cylinders and is starting the brake bleeding process. 

Mike McMahon`s TR6 is well underway. The entire rear suspension, axles and differential is out and on the bench. New parts are standing by. 

Bob Withycombe`s Healey was finally re-united with its` rebuilt engine this month. They look good together! 

Randy Gause`s TR6 had the fuel tank and lines, trunk panel kit with carpet installed, heat reflective Lizard Skin and Dynamat applied to the cabin area and the dash re-veneered. 

While Laurie, Mini and I were travelling to the Healey meet, Christopher and Chasen stayed behind and kept the shop humming. Christopher assumed all the logistical duties while still turning wrenches and Chasen applied his skills to moving the cars forward. They both exceeded expectations, jobs well done!