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News from the Ranch!
September, 2020
Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Eric, Chasen & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Welcome to fall and the cooler weather!

The first news to report from the Ranch is that we are now full for the winter We have had great response and cars from all over the West (Salt Lake City, Modesto Ca., Montana), have scheduled for work over this winter. Even though we haven`t driven all that many miles this year, if you have been thinking about maintenance for your Baby, now would be a good time to reserve some BCR shop time for next spring, summer or fall (2021). We have been consistently running about 6 months out for scheduling.

Second and really more important, make sure you VOTE this coming November election! This is one we cannot, dare not ignore. The silent majority must speak up, and VOTE!

The focus for September was:

Scott Johnson and his TR6. New hydraulics, clutch, rear axles, differential seals.

Mike Riley`s TR6, engine rebuild

Jahn Johnson`s Healey BN6 gas tank, front brakes, calipers, pulling the engine for rebuild, start the rear disc brake conversion.

Jay Adams ` MGB, install wiring harness and start test driving

Frank Hosick`s 100M Healey, finish engine rebuild and brakes

Randy Gause`s TR6, into the body shop for metal work and painting, hardtop headliner install.

Don Joy`s Healey BJ8, finish the wiring harness, front and rear brakes, door trim and alignment, grill install. Teamwork is often necessary to do that.

Tom Gavosto`s Spitfire, brakes, turn signals and handbrake.

Doug Anderson, finish work on many fronts!

Don, Tom, and Doug got to pick up and take their cars home!

Cars brought into the shop this month: Dennis Hughes` Healey BJ8 for a new wiring harness, pull the engine and paint the engine bay, and LED conversion.

Scott Johnson`s TR6 for the list above mentioned.

Newly arrived this month for the winter work: 

Chris Macdonald and family trailered their “new” Healey BN2 from Martha`s Vineyard Massachusetts to the Ranch for a restoration. The Healey was Chris` Dads favorite and willed it to his son Chris on his passing.

Don Durmond trailered his red TR6 from Modesto California to start on a mechanical restoration. “Time to get it on the road and dependable!”.

Maryanne Heinbaugh trailered her TR6 to have a session to put it back on the road safely after some storage time. The car was a splurge reward she did on graduating from Officer training for the Navy.

Gary Wilson brought his TR3B in for engine work.

Rick Casey brought his “new” TR3A in for an assessment and steering work. He now has 2 TR3`s and an MGA! And a Model A, but that doesn`t count. The picture shows Rick and Sherilynn with their new Baby and the list of needs they want fixed.

Steve Meece`s TR6 came in under its` own power on a sunny driving day for an assessment and new clutch.

Lee Pennington worked with us to find and buy a Healey BJ8, and now it is in line to get corrective work and become a dependable driver.

The plan for October: to work hard on each of the cars mentioned above that are in the shop and move them all closer to finished. 

Frank Hosik`s and Jay Adams` are possible cars to get the checkered flag in October. 

Add to that, the assessment process on Casey, Heinbaugh, Meece, Durmond so we can create the estimates of needs and then create a custom plan with each owner for their car.

In the on-deck circle: Meece, Wilson, Collins and Withycombe will be the next in line to come in.

Laurie has been very generous with her time and expertise, finishing Doug`s interior, Don`s door trim and Dennis` wiring harness work.

Christopher has stepped up and is taking on additional logistics duties, scheduling, and the mentoring of Chasen. That`s in addition to his excellent work on his own cars assigned!

Our new man Chasen is really turning into a great apprentice British mechanic. Not only does he pick up the info given him, he fits into the shop chemistry well. Right now, he is going to the college auto tech class until noon, (he is a second-year student), and then joins us in the shop for the afternoon.

A long-range plan that is in the early stages: we are working closely with a national program that works with auto tech students with the aim of finding the young students that are interested in classic car restoration. They work with programs all over the nation, both college and high school level and help place the qualified students in selected host shops for apprenticeship training after schooling. There is both a college and high school program here in Wenatchee and we want to see if we can be a host shop for training.

Until next month, Our best to you,

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Chasen and Mini