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This page was last updated: October 14, 2021
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News from the Ranch!
September, 2021
Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Chasen, Eric & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Spring cleaning in fall, we are running out of parking room again, with all the winter clients starting to arrive, so we are selling our MGB parts car and our MGB-GT project car. Click the links below if you are interested.

Another change in the works will be adding another apprentice to our shop family. We now have 40 wonderful people that have asked for and committed to a spot in the shop to get work done on their Babies. Yes, some have multiple cars, and that number means we are booked out to next Fall 2022. Our long-term plan has always been to have Laurie as our upholstery expert, and 3 full time mechanics, with me handling all the logistics and training, and occasionally doing an engine/transmission rebuild. 

We have recruited at our local College and have 4 candidates we are interviewing right now. Stay tuned for the results. The winner of the competition will start as our cleaning person and gradually work into training as a British car mechanic. Since they are currently attending the automotive training class at the College, they will do classes in the morning and training on the job with us in the afternoon. 

This is the same process that Chasen went through and passed with excellent results, we want another Chasen! 

Dan Vencill`s Healey has a beautiful new two-tone paint job and interior, and it came in for its` 500 mile after-rebuild maintenance. 

Mike Riley`s Healey came in to be disassembled and made ready to transport to the body shop and begin its restoration journey. Also in the picture is Lauri`s Bugeye, which is back on the road and happy! 

During the month, Jocko McCants MGA came in for the same process, strip every part off and make it ready to go to Jocko`s painter. When the paint and bodywork are done, it will be back for assembly restoration. 

Laurie has been really working extra hard on stripping out all the frayed upholstery and carpets in Les Pennington`s Healey. Then at the same time, Chasen remove the old, damaged wiring harness and installed a fresh new one. 

Jahn Johnson`s Healey really jumped forward this month! The rebuilt and tested engine was installed in the car and then the custom exhaust headers, heat shield, intake manifold and Mikuni performance carbs were fitted. I say fitted because no upgrade choice ever fits right out of the box, it must be lovingly finessed and fabricated into place. Great job Christopher! 

Dscn 1489 and 1490 

Bob Withycombe’s engine was installed, and test driving was begun. During that testing, a new and alarming noise came out of the transmission! We pulled the transmission out and found the culprit, the throw out bearing cross shaft and its` bushings decided it was time to fail. Parts are on order so we can install them and continue test driving. 

During that initial testing, one step was to hook up our “new” scope and get an EKG on the ignition system. That part went very well, and it has a clean bill of health. 

Randy and Sherree Gause finally got the good news that their upholstery kit was being shipped! We ordered it in April and have been waiting for its` arrival to resume work on the restoration assembly. 

Here is some visual proof that regular cooling system maintenance is really necessary! 

Ron Gangness`s Healey resumed restoration this month with work on his transmission and overdrive rebuild underway. 

Rick Casey`s TR3 is in the shop and work has begun on its` list. Chasen will be doing a complete steering and suspension restore on it to begin with. 

Don Dermond`s TR6 got the finishing touches on its` new fuel tank and we started on the checklist designed for safely starting a car after a long storage. 

Just into the shop at the end of the month was George Tsoukalas`s Healey. It was a Concours restored car in 1988 and is ready for a refresh to bring it up to snuff again. We are starting with a thorough assessment and then creating the custom plan for the car. 

Steve Meece drove his TR6 over and dropped it off for its` winter appointment. 

A note for all of you that have been visiting the Ranch for some time: The red project picks up and the dead 53 Chevy that have been sitting at the edges of the driveway turn around are gone! They were both sitting there when we moved in 23 years ago, and now they are gone. Neighbor Bill finally pulled the trigger on both. In this picture, the man I am standing with is my long, long time friend Dale Larsen. Dale was one of the strongest supporters of my idea to open my own British specialty shop……way back in 1973! He tells me “I told you so!” every chance he gets. 

For October, we have lots of cars coming in for their winter appointments and to make room for them, we will work hard to finish the ones in the shop right now. Next up to come into the shop are Rob Safford’s Healey for a wiring harness, Don Joy`s Healey for maintenance, and Dave Murray`s MGB for carbs and camshaft replacement. 

Until next month, enjoy the fall colors and be safe! 

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Chasen, Eric and Mini