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This page was last updated: April 13, 2021
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News from the Ranch!
March, 2021
Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Chasen, Eric & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Tulips are up, trees budding out, deer are heading for the high country, Spring is here! 

The weather has warmed and that allowed the final adjustments on the tune ups that were started over the winter. Steve Meece was first. Test drives and final adjustments were made, and he is now enjoying his TR6 at home. Only one problem, the tach quit suddenly on the last test drive, Aw snap! It was decided to pull it and send it in for rebuild and let the car go home. He will drive over and have us install it when the rebuilt unit arrives here. 

Scott Johnson`s TR6 is next for that same process…. without the tach problem please! 

Cindy Phillippi`s MG-TD is moving forward. Back ordered parts that were holing us up finally arrived. We installed the new generator, regulator, carb jet seals, and gear reduction tach drive, and moved to test driving. During that driving, the tach decided to become noisy. Is this tach season? 

Randy Gause`s TR6 got work done to prepare the floor, toe boards and tunnel to receive the ceramic heat protection, Lizard Skin. At the same time Laurie removed the dash, sanded and applied new wood veneer, cut out the gauge holes and got ready to apply the urethane finish. 

Mike Riley`s TR6 is looking really good. This month we had the new custom dual exhaust installed with 4 chrome tips on the rear, sounds great! The stainless-steel radiator shroud compliments the new custom valve cover and the shiny triple SU carb set up. And test driving has begun, this is going to be a really responsive road car! At the same time, Laurie has been re-installing the interior and carpets. 

Jahn Johnson`s Healey is parked and waiting for all the high-performance engine rebuild parts we have on order to arrive, and then begin the assembly of the engine. Meanwhile Jahn and Doris came for a visit and dropped off the new trans cover so we can apply the ceramic Lizard Skin process to it. 

Active in the engine assembly room is Bob Withycombe`s Healey engine rebuild. The final pieces have arrived off of back order, so the final stage of assembly can be completed. The engine is now mounted in our custom test sled for that final assembly and then right into the first start up and initial break in procedure in a controlled situation. 

Maryanne Heinbaugh`s TR6 got a lot of attention this month, which allowed us to arrive at the first start up and run. This allows us to test drive and assess the engine, transmission and drive train condition and plot out the rest of its` wake up visit. 

Jocko Mcants`s MGA arrived for its` assessment of mechanical condition and then we had Jacob our Body and paint expert come give us an estimate for a complete restoration paint job. The MGA is back with Jocko now, waiting for its` start date in the paint shop. The plan is for that this summer and then over next winter the mechanical part will take place. 

New into the shop this month is Don Dermond`s TR6. Don trailered the red Tr6 up from his home in Modesto California last fall, it has had its assessment and been waiting for this spot to open up. Don has chosen a 36-month plan to accomplish the mechanical refreshment on the TR6, and that plan kicks off in April!  

Frank Palmiero`s TR3 spot opened up this month too. He has had his assessment and repair plan all settled on, and now we can begin the work. The first step is pressure clean the underside of the car. 62 years of driving and accumulated grime needs to be gone so we can easily perform the repairs. 

We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and are excited about the upcoming nice weather.

Happy motoring,

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Chasen, Eric and Mini