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This page was last updated: September 3, 2020
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News from the Ranch!
July, 2020
Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Eric, Chasen & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Our big topic: Chase has just completed his second week with us on his 90-day probation trial, and the signs are positive! We have been mentoring him through basic housekeeping chores to assisting with bleeding brakes to disassembling front suspension trying to get a feel for his abilities and personality. He is catching on very fast and fitting into the chemistry of the shop quite well. His maturity and attitude are very strong positives right now. We have been busy concentrating on these things and I don`t have a lot of background info yet, but he is in his second year of a 2 year auto-tech program here at our College, has worked for a Jiffy Lube and a Chrysler dealership here locally. He says he like the way we run our shop much better! 

Randy and Sherree Gause drove over to meet our new body shop resource last week. Randy got to drive the TR6 again, so it would be part of the get to know each other meeting with Jacob, the owner of Cascade Restorations. We spent an hour in his shop, Randy and Sherree got to ask him all sorts of questions and fill him in directly on what they want as a finished product. The meeting went very well, all of us came away happy with the choices. Now our shop will begin the removal of all the brightwork on the TR6 and get it ready for its` September start date in Jacob`s shop. 

Bruce and Sue Jackson`s Healey arrive at the finish line; it passed all its` road tests and is going home now. 

Mike McMahon`s TR6 is now finished and the final touches applied. He will be picking the car up and driving home to Chelan to enjoy a summer of driving around the lake. 

Doug Anderson`s Healey has made great strides this month and is right on the verge of beginning it`s` test drive phase. We will be checking to see that the charging system, clutch, brakes, electrical system and tune up are all properly adjusted. 

Full speed ahead on Jay Adam`s MGB, until the wiring harness was Covid 19 back ordered and not available until September. We are working on some of the smaller details to have it ready for driving. 

Don Joy`s Healey came in on his extended appointment. He is getting a front steering and suspension rebuild, and clean and paint everything while apart, and then vetting all the work on this appointment and the one last fall. 

Jahn Johnson`s Healey came in to start on the rear disc brake conversion, gas tank replacement, wiring repairs, and painting the engine bay while the engine is out for a thorough engine rebuild. 

Right at the beginning of August, Dave Murray and Mike Riley both had their cars make it into the shop for their appointments. 

Mike Riley`s TR6 is getting a high performance engine rebuild and Dave Murray`s MGB is new to him and we are going to assess its` condition and address the brakes, valve adjustment and tune and coolant flush, plus some minor adjustments. 

Laurie has been full tilt attacking the installation of a new interior in Her 71 MG Midget, and it is really looking good! 

Stay tuned for the conclusion/updates on these projects in August! 

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Eric, Chasen and Mini