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When clients come to deliver, visit or pick up their Baby here at the Ranch, it often is easier to stay overnight in Wenatchee and finish their travels the next day.

With that in mind, I negotiated a contract special rate with one of the great local hotels, LaQuinta Inn and Suites. We don`t need it to be a 5 star resort property, but we do want clean, upgraded, comfortable rooms at an affordable price. And we want the extra`s, like free buffet breakfast , indoor pool, sauna ,hot tub and fitness room,  WiFi, pet friendly , guest laundry,  morning newspaper and cookies in the evening!  We also want it located on Wenatchee Avenue, easy to find and close to the direct route to the Ranch. We would like it to have a friendly and helpful staff that thinks classic British cars are cool.
LaQuinta scores an A on each of those, and the rate I have for you is amazing . From May through September the rate is $89, and from October through April the rate is $69.

It`s easy to do, just go on their web page, , and enter the dates you want the room for. Then scroll down and click the “MORE OPTIONS” BUTTON. Then click on the “PROMOTION/CORP DISCOUNT “  tab and enter my code “ BRITISH3 “.

If there are any problems you can call them direct at 509-664-6565 for help, or contact me at [email protected]

This special rate is also good for when you are travelling and need to stop over in Wenatchee , even if your destination isn`t BCR!

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This page was last updated: February 2, 2018
Created by Jim McDermott
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