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This page was last updated: October 11, 2018
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News from the Ranch!
September, 2018
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher Day & Mini
The dream and the memories!
In the middle of the month, we traveled to Madras Oregon in September to join in the week long celebration for Austin Healey`s. This is the big one, 125 cars from all over the West Coast get together and enjoy cars and each other’s company.
Frank and Mary Hoosick’s Bugeye provided the opening shot. Madras is the high desert and the sunrise was gorgeous.

We drove both of our Healey`s, and Laurie was definitely in her comfort zone.

One of the three tech sessions we presented was the “Ladies ask the experts”. This one is for ladies only, no men allowed…except for the presenter, me. Christopher devised a clever way to be allowed in, and had absolutely no shame or embarrassment about it at all! Robert Wilson is pointing out his shoes don`t compliment the skirt. CMD replies, “We are travelling in a Healey, sacrifices must be made”.

Bruce and Sue Jackson had scheduled for some clutch work… in 2017. That project took on a life of it`s own, and wound up taking a year to complete because of the engine rebuild and assorted challenges. The reunion drive for them and their Healey was driving the car to Madras and enjoying the week. Because of the very freshly rebuilt engine, I placed the restriction of driving below 3000 rpm`s at all times. To make sure this was adhered to, I put a cardboard cutout on the tachometer that only revealed 0 to 3000 rpm`s. The 500 mile final break in was reached on the trip and this pix shows the graduation ceremony, removal of the cardboard restrictor!

Arlene Slostad`s Healey had an appointment for it`s yearly maintenance checkup, right after the return from Madras. So they drove down in 2 cars and had Christopher drive their car back to Wenatchee. That was a very happy young man! The pix shows the removal of the trafficator assembly so a new one could be installed.

If you have not yet done so, check out either the front page of our website or our Facebook page for the latest news on who is in the shop. We have added a part time helper to try and meet the demand for service work and restoration. We again searched high and wide, looking for the perfect person to fit into our shop environment. We feel a great responsibility to you, to provide the best service and experience possible. We were very successful; Laurie is now part of our work team and is able to add her considerable skills to our work week! This is truly a family owned and operated shop. Here is a pix of her contribution this month, Jay Adams carpet installation. Laurie has been the go-to –gal for all of our upholstery work over the years and does quality work with acute attention to detail. Jay`s MGB is looking so fine!

Also during the month:
Ron Ganges’s Healey continued to be assembled, Randy and Sherree Gause`s TR6 got carburetor and suspension work, Vince and Michelle Ianniciellelo`s Bugeye got fuel system and suspension work done, Dan Vencill`s Healey engine got a lot of focus on assembly, Ken Davidson`s Healey got a new battery and ready for his 2 week visit to lake Chelan, Mike McMahon`s TR6 revealed it wants to have some engine head work done later this winter, and Bernie Swartz`s Healey was able to get in at the very end of the month to start his repair plan for this winter and Gary Wilson`s Stromberg carburetors were started on for an overhaul.

For October:

Arlene`s Healey will go home finished, Wilson`s carb`s will be finished, Terry and Dee Brunner will come in for their yearly maintenance work, Tom Saul will be bringing in his TR6 for assessment and then waiting his turn for winter work, Rick and Sherilynn Casey will be bringing their TR3 for it`s yearly checkup, Bruce Barrett will bring his Healey in for it`s yearly checkup, Dennis Hughes will bring in his Healey for a complete paint job this winter, and work will continue on Adams, Gangnes, Gause, Ianniciello, Vencill, and Swartz.

It`s a really good thing that October has 57 days in it!

Steve, Laurie, Christopher and Minnie