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News from the Ranch!
December, 2018
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher, Dana, Jake  & Mini
The dream and the memories!

What an unexpectedly terrific Christmas this was! Santa heard we were looking for that rare person to come join our BCR family, and he really worked some of his magic. After many thorough discussions between Eric, Christopher, Dana, Laurie, me, and our business consultant, we arrived at a description of the candidate we are seeking. At the very top of the list are attitude, dependability and integrity. Then some experience or exposure to the car repair industry would be nice. We can mentor and teach the repair skills we need, but our culture and reputation are built on those first traits.

Four weeks ago I stopped by the local college auto tech program to freshen up our connection there and put a bug in the program directors` ear about our needs. Since we had done our homework and were prepared, things really took off. They had a young man that is only interested in the “older cars”, shows up early every day, is in the top 10% of his class as a second year(ready to graduate) student and ready for an opportunity.

I interviewed him on the spot and he impressed me enough to invite him to the shop for a tour and a lengthy interview with Laurie, CMD and myself. He aced that in all our eyes, so we invited him to come in for a ½ day and actually work with me, to get a feel for how he works and if he fits in the chemistry of the shop. Upon his first view of the shop and cars we have parked waiting their turn, and then the ones in the shop and getting worked on, he commented out loud, “ I`m in Heaven!”. He even found 3 problems in cars we worked on that I had planted for him to find if he was looking!

He seems to possess all of the critical traits we demand, worked very comfortably with me for the ½ day, and showed a great understanding of the mechanical process, and his father was a career Army man….so we hired him! He has completed his sixth day of his 90 day probation, and all signs are positive. His name is Jake, and we are all excited that he is starting his training that will mold him into a fabulous addition to our BCR family. He is head first into his work!

And we still managed to get some work done this month. Bernie Swartz’s Healey passed all the test drive and adjusting phase and is now waiting for 65 degree weather to resume the road tune up adjustments. 

The Gangnes Healey,

Gause's TR6,

Ianniciello's Bugeye

and Adams MGB all had solid progress this month. 

Gary Wilsons` TR3 moved into the shop and now has the diagnosis and initial disassembly done on his car. 

Dan Vencill`s Healey now has the engine installed and ready for startup. He and Bette stopped in for a visit and got to see and hear it running for the first time! 

Darin Brown is the newest arrival here at the Ranch. Darin lives and works in Europe right now and found this BJ8 Healey for sale in Cincinnati Ohio. He bought it and had it shipped to us for storage and assessment, it has arrived and work will start in August this year.

For January:

Continued work on Gangnes, Gause, Ianniciello, and Adams, 

Begin the repair phase on Wilson, 

Start the test drive phase on Vencill. 

Jake will be finishing his last semester in the auto tech class and will be available ½ a day each day to continue his one on one training

Happy New Year!

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Jake and Mini