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News from the Ranch!
June, 2018
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher Day & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Thank you, I had a wonderful Fathers` day! My two boys, Christopher and Eric, joined Laurie and me for a work day in the shop. We used the time to renovate the engine/transmission room, a project I have been needing to do for some time, but just couldn`t get to it. The pic shows the two characters cutting down and re-building the work bench. During our entire family life, we have all had fun working together on projects like this, this day was no different!

Later in the month, we took 4 days and travelled to Sooke, on Vancouver Island, for the Northwest Healey meet. What a gorgeous place to have a gathering of friends and cars. I was asked to have my drive through tech session during the meet, and so we did, only this time, CMD helped some cars on his own, not just handing me wrenches. Have I mentioned how fast he is learning the trade and how proud I am of him?

Here is a pic of our engine test bench in action on its second engine start up. This is Bruce Jackson`s engine, and both the test sled and the engine performed very well! We are wondering what took us so long to make one of these; it really streamlines and adds certainty to the initial startup of a rebuilt engine!

Then we discovered a new use for the test sled. On Vince and Michele Ianniciello`s Bugeye, we have reached the point where we want to start its engine for the first time after many years of storage, and assess its condition. If we roll the test sled up to the car, we can hook the engine up to it and start and run it without going through the cars electrical and fuel system, which has not been assessed yet.

We called in the real expert on Jay Adams` MGB project. We have reached the point where we can actually test drive the car and wanted Laurie`s opinion of how it is progressing. Laurie drives an MGB-GT all year around and is oh so familiar with how it should perform. She gladly slipped into the driver seat and went for a run up the canyon. Big smile and thumbs up, “a very nice car to drive”.

Dan Vencills` engine really got progress this month. It is completely disassembled now and all the pieces have their first cleaning and are at the machine shop for correction and restoring to proper specifications.

During the month, Jim McDermotts` Healey got a new clutch and rear wheel bearings, and was ready to go home. On pick up day, Jim brought his two grandson`s Adan and Daniel with him and they got to take turns in the passenger seat on the way home. Here is where it got interesting. Do any of you have experience with competitive teen age boys? Well, these two jostled and maneuvered the whole time about who got to be in the car first. (Picture here, high testosterone levels of jostling). It was finally settled with a coin toss. Sort-of, the looser still lobbied for best 2 out of 3 and wouldn`t hand over the treats from the chase car Grandma was driving. Laurie and I felt we were viewing a movie of our two boys from the past!

Two new clients arrived with their cars in June.
Andy McFarland and his son Matt trailered Andy`s MGB from their home in Butte Montana. Andy has owned it since new, and wants it freshened up and returned to the dependable driver it was before the long period of storage it just came out of. We will do an assessment on the MG and then work with the results to create a plan with Andy.

Next, Bernie Swartz from Yakima has a Healey BN4 that his wife bought for him several years ago. Bernie and a friend trailered the Healey to the Ranch so we can do a comprehensive assessment on it and create a plan for its` journey to dependability. I really like the lines of a Healey with no bumpers! 

For July, Laurie and I have our first long trip in the Motor Home. Following through on the long time plan, we are hooking up the enclosed trailer with the Bugeye in it, and travelling to French Lick Indiana for the East Coast version of Rendezvous, the large yearly gathering of Healey faithful. This will be our first “East Coast meet”, and Christopher’s first shot at running the shop while we are gone. I think we are all ready. We have a detailed list of work to do for him, ordered a lot of parts and have installed skype and will check in daily to see how it`s going and answer any questions that come up. 

The plan includes Ron Gangnes Healey, Randy and Sherree Gauses` TR6, Vince and Micheles` Bugeye, Jay Adams MGB, and Mike McMahons` TR6.By the time we return from the trip, Dan Vencills` engine should be back from the machine shop and Haluk and Maggie Taysi`s midget engine should both be ready to assemble. I should be able to complete the assessment on Bernie Swartzs` Healey before we leave, and then work in Andy McFarlands MGB assessment on our return.

No Moss growing here, just Moss parts!

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Eric, Minnie