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This page was last updated: December 10, 2018
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News from the Ranch!
November, 2018
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher and Dana Day & Mini
The dream and the memories!

What a great time to pause and make sure you know how much we appreciate your friendship and the trust you have placed in us to be caring for your Baby! This is the 10th anniversary of BCR going full time, and it has been so far beyond our expectations, and it is because of you. We send the very best of the Christmas spirit and happy New Year to you.

While on that thought, you may have noticed recently that our schedule has matured to a very fine and full state. It is a real thrill, not to mention compliment, to answer the phone, e-mail and Facebook contacts and have you schedule time to make your Baby more dependable.

Even with the addition of Laurie to the shop recently, we still need to make additional improvements that will shorten the wait time for you, so we are attacking that in several ways.

To improve shop efficiency, we are adding at least one more four post hoist and making plans to enlarge the engine/transmission room. We are also selling all of our project cars we own to make more room for client car parking. It is clear that neither I nor Christopher will ever get to the projects, so would you like to have an MGB-GT, a Sprite or a Midget project? Cheap! Beyond that, we are looking at ways to further solve parking shortage and possibly even add long term storage for our clients` British cars.

We are working with our local college vo-tec auto program to implement an apprentice program and have one of their students part time in our shop.

We are beginning the search for just the right person to add to the shop as a mechanic. The first choice would be a veteran with previous mechanical skills that we can bring in and train in the BCR way of classic British car repair. Do you know of a prospect for us to consider? Very soon we will have a careers’ page added to our web site that will have a job description and other info available.

So here is what happened in November

Rick and Sherilynn Casey arrived early in the month to pick up their TR3 after we finished the yearly maintenance. On the last test drive the TR3 decided to extend the appointment with sticking disc brakes. A caliper overhaul and new disc pads made it ready to go, again.

Dennis and Patti Hughes` BJ8 Healey had quit running and needed a check- up, so they shipped the Healey to the Ranch via our favorite car transport company, F.A.S.T INC. At the same time, he began thinking about his Sprite Bugeye and having it put back on the road. Both cars revealed they want a restoration, and It was decided that we would solve the running issue on the BJ8 and then next summer start on a mechanical restoration on the Bugeye.

Dan Vencills` Healey project reached an important milestone this month. The engine rebuild was completed and it was installed in our custom test stand and was run live three times for 30 minutes each. It passed with flying colors and now is being installed in the car.

Bernie Swartzs` BN4Healey really moved forward this month. The entire brake system was rebuilt, the driveline rebuilt, both new rear wheel bearings and seals, 4 new wheel hubs, new hydraulic clutch system, and then began the test drive phase.

Vince and Michele Ianniciellos` Bugeye moved steadily ahead this month. The custom wood dash was removed and refinished (beautiful job Laurie!), and the brakes and suspension on the driver side rebuilt (nice job CMD!)

Ron Gangnes` BJ8 Healey got some serious progress in November. The whole front end looks like a real car now. The steering and suspension have been installed. CMD is very proud, Ron is happy!

Jay Adams` MGB saw steady progress on the interior installation. Laurie is making the universal interior carpet and panel kit fit in a very exact and handsome way.

For December:
Work will continue on Gause, Adams, Gangnes, Ianniciello, Vencill, and Swartz. 

Gary Wilson`s TR3 will come in and begin major work on yearly maintenance and Dave Murray will bring in his MGB for an assessment of needs. 

On deck is Bruce Barrett’s` BJ8 Healey as a spot is opened up. 

Looking out into the new year and into Spring, Mike Riley’s` TR6, Andy McFarland’s` MGB, Mike McMahons` TR6, Tom Saul’s` TR6, Frank Hosick`s Bugeye, Ken Davidsons` BJ8, Skip Kereke`s TR4A, Pat Domres`s TR4A, Larry Savage`s MGB, Shannon Rimkus`s BN2 Healey.

Steve, Laurie, Christopher and Minnie