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News from the Ranch!
July, 2019
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher, Dana, Jake  & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Here is one last look back to our Michigan trip, this was worth getting up early for!

Andy McFarlands MGB was supposed to be in the FINAL test drive phase and ready to go home after a long list of maintenance and wake up work. It had been stored for many years after an active life being driven every day, and Andy and his son wanted to get it safely back on the road and enjoy it again. We had it where we thought it was ready, and the next morning it wouldn`t start, the ignition key would not turn in the switch! That is solved with a new switch, and now it is ready, again, to be declared ready to go home.

Randy and Sheree Gause` TR6 moved forward this month. I finished the rebuild on the transmission and CMD and I finished the engine rebuild and did the initial break in on our custom engine run stand. 3 sessions of 30 minutes each on the stand and it is now ready to be painted and then installed.

Jay Adams MGB is moving along nicely. A dozen small details were attended to and finished and more test driving to confirm consistency in operation this month.

Mike Riley`s TR6 was finished and picked up to drive home.

Gary Wilson`s TR3 got finishing touches and was on the way home when another car failed to yield and hit the TR3 in the rear side. The damage was enough to break the shift rods in the transmission!

Bob and Nancy Withycombe had their Healey back in the shop after a fun week driving in Chelan, and it was immediately discovered it has a blown head gasket and needs assorted repairs, all of which are related to the 20 years storage and then a return to active driving which is revealing the hidden needs.

Dan Vencill is back in for his 500 mile check up on his Healey. That is the normal maintenance that follows a complete engine rebuild. He has an appointment the first of October to have a complete paint job and upholstery work done over this coming winter, you won`t recognize the car next summer when you see it on the tours!

Laurie has discovered a new talent! In between her part time bookkeeping clients, my business books, helping us in the shop, helping Eric in his yard and being a study buddy for his CPA course, and our yardwork, she has learned to weld and then gone on to creating some wonderful yard art!

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Jake and Minnie