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News from the Ranch!
March, 2019
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher, Dana, Jake  & Mini
The dream and the memories!

In just a 3 day period, almost all of the snow is gone and the sun came out! Finally, we have a chance to drive and move some of the cars to the finish line.

Bruce Barrett`s Healey was the first one. It received its` 4 wheel alignment and final test drive, and Bruce came over to drive it home. The LED headlights and improved driving power were a big hit, not to mention the aluminum radiator painted a stealth matte black.

Dan Vencill`s Healey was next. A new part failure in the clutch system was replaced, the tunnel cover put on and the interior re-installed and has one last test drive to confirm consistency, and it will be ready for him to drive home.

Mike Riley`s TR6 saw completion of the steering, suspension, dash gauge work and graduation to the test drive phase, and a date with Steve Pearson to have some windshield and body work done.

Vince and Michel Ianniciello`s Bugeye now has a complete and beautiful dash assembly, and is on the road being test driven. I think we can see the finish line from here! CMD is so happy to have it in the test drive phase.

Andy McFarland`s MGB got custom fitted seat covers and a new tonneau fitted, and is also in the test drive phase.

Randy and Sherree Gause`s TR6 engine is now starting the rebuild process.

Gary Wilson`s TR3 engine is going back together. This picture shows the dial indicator checking the cam lift.

Ron Gangnes came to the shop for his visit to see the progress and plan for the next phase of work. It was a beautiful day so we rolled it out into the sun for a nice view of the progress.

Bernie and Penny Swartz picked a gorgeous sunny spring like day to come drive their Healey BN4 home. The car received corrective work for the brakes and tune up, and is ready to join in on some road trips now.

Next in line to come in was Bob and Nancy Withycombe`s Healey BN1. The car had been stored for years and Bob and Nancy want to get it back on the road and attend Healey Rendezvous in June in Chelan . Here is a shot of it up in the air and just getting started on that process.

Mike McMahon`s TR6 came in the shop and received new door glass channels for both doors. The some diagnostics on engine oil smoking and a confirmation of need for an engine rebuild. 

Then at the end of the month, Tom Saul`s TR6 came into the shop for its` assessment. First task was to do some tune up work to improve running. 

Work on all of these cars will continue in April. The next car to be brought in will be Skip and Susan Kerekes MGB