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This page was last updated: May 10, 2018
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News from the Ranch!
April, 2018
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher Day & Mini
The dream and the memories!
It has finally quit snowing every day on the passes, so folks are heading over to pick up their cars.
Frank and Mary Hosick arrived for their blue Bugeye, Rob Westcott just got back from Australia and came in to get his red Bugeye and Laurie Day had her Bugeye in for spring wake up. That made for a great photo op in the shop, titled, “It`s spring, the bugs are out!”

Greg Coryell`s Sprite has passed the final test drives and is waiting for Greg to come and start driving it for the summer.

You remember Laurie retired the 1st of January, she didn`t slow down. She still has the 3 part time bookkeeping jobs, is BCR`s bookkeeper, is the family bookkeeper, is tutoring our son Eric in his CPA quest, is co-chair for the 2019 Austin Healey Rendezvous in Chelan, has a new motor home to outfit and use, has 300 designated outdoor yard and home projects, is helping in the shop on some of your car projects, and has refinished a 100 year old oak table and crocheted a lamb for a friends new baby. I have to take a nap after writing all that.

Ron Gangness and his Healey had a great month. Steve Pearson finished the chassis work on Ron`s Healey and we were able to pick up the chassis and bring it back to BCR to start the restoration assembly on it. This shot shows the inspection day just before the paint was applied to the chassis/frame. What a great day!

Randy and Sherree Gause`s TR6 got comfortable in its stall after a thorough pressure cleaning, and disassembly has started. The rear suspension is off and the differential is out, parts have been ordered and some disassembly on the front suspension is underway.

Vince and Michele Ianniciello`s Bugeye is almost a copy of that progress, the pressure cleaning is done and the rear suspension is all apart with work started on the front suspension.

Jay Adams MGB had more carpet install work along with the engineering, fabricating and install of a Retro Sound system complete with retractable antenna. Very cool!

New in the shop this month is Mike McMahon`s gorgeous TR6. Mike has been travelling from the Northwest to the Southwest over the last years and is settling in Chelan….soon. The TR 6 has travelled with him and was looking for a shop that could assess its condition and take over the fine upkeep it has enjoyed during his ownership. That would be BCR! His assessment is complete and we will be working together to create the custom plan for it next. Yes, the historic landmark is still in the background, the Chevy S10 pick up. It actually sits on our neighbor`s property. His son started the project and ran out of money and drive. Bill has been going to do something about it….for 18 years.

Isn`t life grand!? Christopher just celebrated his 2nd year working with me in BCR. I can`t believe it, it has gone so fast. He has exceeded even my prejudiced expectations and been a constant joy to have in the shop working with me. He has progressed to the point he has enough confidence to assert his new ideas on improvements we make in our processes and routines, and that makes it better for me, him and most importantly, you and your Baby! The future of BCR is bright and shiny with him in the picture.
Laurie, Minnie and I have been on 2 motor home trips so far, testing everything out. We leave on Thursday evening and set up, and I drive back to work on Friday, then I drive back and join her for the weekend. What fun it has been, I am sure glad we have 30 years of trailering experience to help us get used to the motor home style of camping. We have had interesting experiences with the hot water system, oven, sound system and water pump system….all were novice problems, not equipment problems! We have another weekend scheduled and then in July we are off to French Lick Indiana for the East Coast Healey meet.

Scheduled for May will be continuing on Adams upholstery, Gause`s suspension and clutch work, Ianniciello`s suspension work, and McMahon`s start on his maintenance plan.

Happy Mothers Day to each Mom and Grandma reading this, especially Laurie and Dana!
Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Minnie