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This page was last updated: May 31, 2019
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News from the Ranch!
May, 2019
Steve, Laurie, Eric, Christopher, Dana, Jake  & Mini
The dream and the memories!

Even with the full schedule of classic British cars going on, we are always looking to upgrade and improve our facility. Granted, that work all gets done at night and on the weekends so that progress is not slowed on the schedule. This month we reached the tipping point on our stock of original style wire for British cars and cleaned a spot and got it all up and organized to make it easy to find and grab.

Our MIG welder finally couldn`t answer the bell. I purchased it in 1983 with my grandfathers` inheritance gift, and it has restored countless British cars. So, it is time it is retired with honors. We now have a new $3000 Millermatic MIG welder. Of course, being twice as powerful, it needs twice the input voltage. We must use another weekend to wire in a new 50-amp circuit to the shop.

Skip and Susan Kerekes MGB got a lot of attention and made it almost to the test drive phase. This pic shows the completed brake work just waiting for the final hydraulic bleeding. We are waiting for the rebuilt gas tank sending unit and away we go!

Mike McMahon`s TR6 engine was removed and prepared for disassembly.

Randy and Sherree Gause`s engine was assembled to a long block and installed in our custom engine test sled where the accessories will be installed and then the engine will be started up and ran for 3 separate 30 minute break in runs before installing it in the car.

Tom Saul`s car moved along this month too. We are preparing to repair some frame damage and supporting the engine in this pic.

Andy McFarland`s MGB got its Weber carb conversion installed.

Vince and Michele Ianniciello came for the big reunion this month. Vince`s father bought and cared for this Bugeye when he was a boy, and now Vince has had us bring it back to life so the entire family can enjoy rides in it when they come to visit. F.A.S.T. transport is due in today to pick up the car and safely deliver it to them in Ocean Shores. Thank you so much Vince and Michele for choosing us to be a part of this wonderful project!

The Big Three made it this month! Bob and Nancy Withycombe`s Healey BN1, Ken Davidson`s Healey BJ8, and Dennis and Patty Hughes`s BJ8 were all finished in time for them to pick them up and drive to Healy Rendezvous in Chelan

In addition to that, Greg Pinkerton`s Triumph TR6 got it`s assessment, Gary Wilson`s TR3 is finishing up some engine work, and Jay Adam`s MGB got some electrical work finished and test drive done.  

Sean Mitchell`s MGB was assessed and it was decided the needs of the car exceeded the budget, so we have purchased the car as a parts car from him.

New to the fall schedule is Stephen Anderson. He owns an MG-TD and an MG-TF in beautiful restored condition but wants both checked over and put in even more dependable shape. He will start with the TD first. Welcome to Stephen and the TD!

The month of June will be a new process for BCR. Laurie and I are co-chairs for the Healey Rendezvous being held in Chelan the first week of June. All 4 of us will be there, Christopher and Jake will be assisting Healey owners with their cars all week and Laurie and I will be……busy. We hope to see everyone there.

Then the 16th of June, Laurie and I will hook up the enclosed trailer to the motor home and take our MG Midget to the National MG meet in Travers City Michigan. We will be returning the 5th of July after a visit to her sister in Minneapolis by way of Canada on Highway 1. Meanwhile, Christopher and Jake will be running the shop and keeping the home fires bright. I will know that because we will check in every day via live-phone!

During June, Wilson`s TR3, Kerekes MGB, McFarland`s MGB will get done, and Saul`s TR6, Adams MGB, Gause`s TR6, and McMahon`s TR6 will get attention. 

The next car up is Larry Norton`s BJ8 Healey for brake and fuel gauge work.

Steve, Laurie, Christopher, Dana, Jake and MInnie